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This chapter describes how LSF sets the Windows environment variables.


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Job Execution Environment

How LSF sets the job execution environment

By default, Platform LSF transfers environment variables from the submission to the execution host. However, some environment variables do not make sense when transferred. When submitting a job from a Windows to a UNIX machine, the -L option of bsub can be used to reinitialize the environment variables. If submitting a job from a UNIX machine to a Windows machine, you can set the environment variables explicitly in your job script.

PATH environment variable on UNIX and Windows

Platform LSF automatically resets the PATH on the execution host if the submission host is of a different type. If the submission host is Windows and the execution host is UNIX, the PATH variable is set to /bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin and LSF_BINDIR (if defined in lsf.conf) is appended to it. If the submission host is UNIX and the execution host is Windows, the PATH variable is set to the system PATH variable with LSF_BINDIR appended to it. Platform LSF looks for the presence of the WINDIR variable in the job's environment to determine whether the job was submitted from a Windows or UNIX host. If WINDIR is present, it is assumed that the submission host was Windows; otherwise, the submission host is assumed to be a UNIX machine.

Environment variable handling on Windows

The following Windows environment variables are overridden based on the values on the execution host:

If the WINDIR on the submission and execution host are different, then the system PATH variable on the execution host is used instead of that from the submission host.

Avoid using drive names in environment variables (especially the PATH variable) for drives that are connected over the network. It is preferable to use the UNC form of the path. This is because drive maps are shared between all users logged on to a particular machine. For example, if an interactive user has drive F: mapped to \\serverX\share, then any batch job will also see drive F: mapped to \\serverX\share. However, drive F: might have been mapped to a different share on the submission host of the job.

Job starters can be used to perform more site-specific handling of environment variables.

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Controlling Execution Environment Using Job Starters

The command bsub -L cannot be used for a Windows execution host. LSF provides the following two job starters:

Where the job starter executables are located

By default, the job starter executables are installed in LSF_BINDIR. If you prefer to store them elsewhere, make sure they are in a directory that is included in the default PATH on the execution host.

For example:

On Windows, put the job starter under %WINDIR%.

Source code for the job starters

The source code for the job starters is installed in LSF_MISC/examples.

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